VIDEO: Watch How PetroClear 411 Series Filters Can Reduce Dispenser Filter Changes

Imagine if a new line of dispenser filters could filter about twice as much fuel as a standard dispenser filter. Assuming average throughput remained about the same, the new dispenser filter would likely cut your filter maintenance by about half, resulting in fewer technician visits and less pump downtime. PetroClear’s 411 Series of “extended life” spin-on dispenser filters makes this possible.

Measuring 10 ½ inches tall, the 411 filters accommodate almost twice the filtering media than a traditional 5-inch-tall dispenser filter. This additional filtration capacity enables fuel site operators to get more service life out of the filter. The 411 filters also feature the quality construction that PetroClear filters are known for:

  • Back plate is composed of thick steel and roll seamed to the shell to create a leakproof assembly
  • Metal end caps, plus thermo-setting adhesive, create positive seals to prevent the bypass of contaminated fuel
  • Coil spring keeps steady pressure on the element and internal components to ensure proper filter operations
  • Sturdy core materials make the filters strong

The 411 Series filters are available with 10-micron or 30-micron ratings and with the following filtration capabilities:

To learn more about the filters, we invite you to watch this video. You may also send Bob Ingham an email at or call him at (419) 377-4652.