Did You Know?: Our Agriculture Filter Supports Water Drainage

Agricultural applications demand clean fuel. And that fuel needs to be supplied by equipment that can accommodate the unique challenges of fueling on a farm. PetroClear spin-on fuel dispenser filters for agriculture are designed to do just that.

Featuring petcock drain valves for convenient water drainage, the 408 P-DV and 408 PA-DV fuel dispenser filters from PetroClear® provide the particulate removal and water management capabilities sought by today’s agribusiness operators. The filters utilize a silicone-treated media that repels water from fuel and prevents the water from passing through the filter into consumers’ vehicles. The filters support flow rates up to 25 GPM and are available with 10 or 30 micron (nominal) ratings.

To learn more about the PetroClear® fuel dispenser filtration products that protect your ag equipment from harmful fuel contaminants, visit petroclear.com or email Robert.Ingham@champlabs.com.