Tips for Decreasing Dispenser Downtime

Fuel filtration at the dispenser probably seems fairly straight-forward: a filtering medium captures harmful substances so they aren’t pumped into the vehicle.

But in reality, dispenser filtration is pretty specialized. Different fuels are susceptible to different forms of contamination. Only ethanol blends, for example, can experience the devastating effects of phase separation. Water may be a problem in one tank, but it’s fine in another.

Selecting the right dispenser filter for the application is crucial to maintaining fuel quality.

Having the right filtration capabilities on hand can also mean the difference between an operational pump and one that is out-of-service indefinitely. This is especially true when filter supplies are in demand, shipping is constrained and there is a limited pool of technicians to perform maintenance.

PetroClear’s 411 D and 411 D-AD filters not only help prevent maintenance delays, they can increase maintenance intervals. Measuring 10 ½ inches tall, the filters accommodate almost twice the filtering media than a traditional 5-inch-tall dispenser filter. In a properly maintained fueling system, the filters will likely cut your filter maintenance by about half.

The 405 D, 405 D-AD, 411 D and 411 D-AD also perform all critical filtration processes: water detection and protection, phase separation detection and particulate removal. Compatible with all major fuels, these filters can help operators simplify their filter inventory. Need to replace your ethanol-blend filter or a water-sensing filter? Having a few of these filters stocked can get you through a supply pinch if you run out of your usual filter.

To learn more about PetroClear’s 405 D, 405 D-AD, 411 D and 411 D-AD filters, please visit the green filters webpage.