3 Reasons Why Fuel Sites Absolutely Should Not Defer Filter Maintenance This Winter

1. This is no time to risk putting contaminated fuel into a customer’s vehicle.

Dispensing fuel that has completed phase separation, has high levels of water in it or contains excessive particulate is never a good business practice, but especially not during times of difficulty. Many people are encountering personal challenges as a result of the pandemic. Who wants to be known as the gas station that damaged an essential worker’s vehicle because the station didn’t properly maintain the dispenser filter?

2. Technician availability could become limited.

As fuel sites hurry to complete updates to meet the April 2021 EMV liability shift deadline, technician availability may become constrained. Postponing routine maintenance such as dispenser filter changes could result in service delays as the liability shift approaches and technicians are in high demand.

3. You may be voiding the dispenser warranty.

Some dispenser manufacturers include dispenser filtration requirements in their maintenance provisions. Failure to change the filter at prescribed intervals or to utilize a filter with the appropriate micron rating may nullify the dispenser’s warranty.

PetroClear recently introduced its new 411 Series of “extended life” dispenser filters. With their tall size and additional filtering media, the 411 Series dispenser filters may enable fuel sites to prolong maintenance intervals. Learn more about the 411 Series here.