New PetroClear® 40505W-AD 5-Micron Dispenser Filter Protects High-Performance Engines From Harmful Particulates

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Albion, IL, October 13, 2016PetroClear®, a longtime trusted manufacturer of fuel-dispensing filters, is pleased to introduce a new 40505W-AD 5-Micron Dispenser Filter engineered to help fuel-site operators protect today’s sophisticated engine components.

“Stricter emissions standards have led to the creation of sophisticated high-performance engine technologies – most notably High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel-injection systems – that feature small, precision-crafted components,” said PetroClear Account Director Robert Ingham. “These new engine technologies are susceptible to abrasion and long-term damage from even the most microscopic fuel contaminants.”


The 40505W-AD dispenser filter captures particulates as small as five microns and prevents them from entering and damaging the fuel-injection system. The filter will also sense when elevated levels of water are present in the fuel and alert the fuel-site operator through slow-flow dispenser operation that the fuel contains potentially damaging amounts of water that can cause bio contamination and poor lubricity.

Benefits of the 40505W-AD dispenser filter include:

  • Ability to remove particulates five microns or larger
  • Ability to sense both free and emulsified water in neat gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), kerosene and fuel oils
  • Ability to slow the flow of fuel as an indicator of the presence of water, including in neat gasoline and diesel (will not, however, detect phase separation in ethanol-blended fuels)
  • Use of a textured coating paint that helps ensure a simple, mess-free installation and removal process
  • UL listing

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