A Note from Bob Ingham: Why UL Recognition Matters in Dispenser Equipment

The principles of fuel filter construction haven’t changed that much over the years: the filter needs to be engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, rigorous pressures and prevent contaminants from reaching vehicles. However, as the motor fuel supply continues to transform to include more biofuel, fuel dispensing equipment must likewise evolve to meet the demands of those fuels.

As noted in a recent CSP article, “Taking care to ensure that all fueling system equipment can reliably perform under the conditions presented in a biofuel environment is important for safety, environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction.”

PetroClear® is dedicated to providing high-quality fuel dispenser filters engineered for the properties of today’s fuels. As such, all our fuel dispenser filters are recognized by UL Solutions (formerly known as UL Laboratories) as meeting U.S. and Canadian standards for component service. They are recognized as safe to use with E0 to E85 (neat gasoline to ethanol blends containing up to 85% ethanol) and for B0 to B100 (standard petroleum-based diesel to pure biodiesel).

With the safety of customers, employees, service personnel and the environment at stake, why settle for anything less than equipment that has passed UL testing requirements?

To learn more about PetroClear® fuel dispenser filters or to inquire about finding a suitable filter replacement, please email me at Robert.Ingham@champlabs.com to schedule a time to talk.


Bob Ingham
PetroClear Sales Director