Who’s Got the Most Attractive Looking Dispenser Filters in the Industry? We Think We Do!

OK, you’re right. Describing fueling equipment as attractive is a little like saying wolverines are cuddly.

Seriously though, the PetroClear brand image is extremely important. And while the quality fabrication of PetroClear dispenser filters has remained consistent over the years, the filters’ brand image has definitely evolved with the times.

To help make it easier for PetroClear dispenser filter distributors and suppliers to represent the filters’ updated look in marketing and sales materials, PetroClear makes images of its filters available on its website. High-resolution images of PetroClear dispenser filters, including our new value-sized 411 series, are included on the Product Images webpage of our Resources section.

Presenting a brand consistently is shown to increase sales. As such, we encourage all PetroClear distributors to review their PetroClear marketing materials and replace images of dispenser filters that are a throwback to times gone by.

Thanks for your continued support of the PetroClear brand!