Top 5 Reasons to Visit PetroClear at Booth 6616 at the PEI Convention

We get it. There’s a lot to see at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show. But you’ll be missing out if you don’t swing by the PetroClear® booth (6616) at this year’s expo. Here are five reasons we think you should take us up on this suggestion.

1. Old-fashioned face time.

The PEI Convention at the NACS Show is a little like a family reunion, albeit with our fueling industry family. We genuinely enjoy catching up with our customers and forging new friendships during the expo. Stop by, introduce yourself and let’s talk.

2. Cool videos that help you understand what PetroClear® filtration products have to offer.

Fuel dispenser filters are highly engineered hydraulic components. Stop by our booth and watch our videos to learn how our fuel dispenser filters work, what the different colored filters mean, the secret behind our part-numbering system, and much more.

3. New giveaways.

No trade show would be complete without a boatload of swag. PetroClear will be offering a new selection of gifts this year as our way of thanking you for stopping by Booth 6616. We’re not going to reveal what the new giveaways are now, but we will tell you they were so popular at previous events we ran out of them. Get them while supplies last…

4. Unlimited access to quality filtration products backed by an industry-leading warranty.

You know how “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Well, we aim to manufacture fuel dispenser filters that can live up to “what happens in PetroClear® filters, stays in PetroClear® filters.”

For almost 25 years, PetroClear® has been committed to providing retail and commercial fueling operations with the highest quality filters. Our catalog of over 60 UL-recognized fuel dispenser filters feature:

• Threaded cover backplate assemblies constructed of thick steel
• Nitrile rubber gaskets that are resilient to blended fuels
• Backplate assemblies that are roll seamed to the shell of the filter for leak prevention
• Textured paint coating that helps reduce spills during filter change.

5. All the fried chicken you can eat.

No, wait. We mean all the dispenser filtration knowledge you can handle. Just seeing if you were still paying attention.

Seriously though, from aging tanks and rising fuel contamination concerns, to an increasingly biofuel-focused product mix and sophisticated vehicle engine components, quality fuel dispenser filtration has never been more important. Lean on the PetroClear team at Booth 6616 to help you understand how to extend maintenance intervals, reduce pump downtime and provide customers a positive fueling experience.

We hope to see you at the show!