PetroClear Approves ‘Dual Purpose’ 405 D Series Filters for Diesel and Biodiesel

PetroClear’s “Dual Purpose” 405 D Series spin-on dispenser filters are now compatible with diesel and biodiesel fuel.

PetroClear has tested and approved its 40510D and 40510D-AD dispenser for the following applications:

• Removing particulates in neat gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel and biodiesel
• Sensing free and emulsified water in neat gasoline, diesel and biodiesel
• Detecting and reacting to phase separation in ethanol-blended gasoline

The dual purpose filters help protect during product changeovers – from neat gasoline to ethanol blends, for instance – without having to change filters. The filters’ versatility enables operators to condense their filter inventory by eliminating the need to stock filters that address multiple filtration needs.

The 405 D Series filters utilize a super-absorbent media for sensing water in neat gasoline, diesel and biodiesel. Once the media has absorbed 5.9 ounces of water, the flow of fuel will be noticeably slow. A chemical core assembly detects and reacts to phase separation in ethanol blends by significantly restricting the flow of fuel through the filter. The 40510D and the 40510D-AD offer 10 micron (nominal) particulate removal.

PetroClear’s 40510D “Dual Purpose” utilizes a standard 1″-12 UNF mounting thread (3/4″ flow). PetroClear’s 40510D-AD is a high-flow filter and utilizes a standard 1.5″-16 UNF mounting thread (1″ flow). These mounting threads are compatible with most spin-on filter adapters used in Gilbarco, Wayne, Bennett, Tokheim and other major manufacturers’ dispensers.

The labels on the 40510D and 40510D-AD dispenser filters have been updated to reflect the filters’ compatibility with diesel and biodiesel.

To learn more about PetroClear’s 40510D and 40510D-AD “Dual Purpose” filters, please contact the PetroClear representative in your area.