New E85-Compatible Spin-On Dispenser Filters from PetroClear® Promote Fuel System Integrity

PetroClear®, a longtime trusted manufacturer of fuel-dispensing filters, has introduced two 10-micron particulate-removing spin-on dispenser filters – the 40510PE and 40510PE-AD – engineered for compatibility with E85 fuel.

Fuels with high concentrations of ethanol, such as E85, can affect the performance of materials used in fuel storage and dispensing systems. Using materials not specified for E85 applications can lead to corrosion of soft metals and degradation of nonmetallic materials, leaving components in the fueling system made of these materials vulnerable to premature equipment failures and leaks. PetroClear’s 40510PE and 40510PE-AD dispenser filters feature a gasket composed of UL-approved nitrile material that is resistant to the challenging properties of high concentrations of ethanol.

“Equipment and materials compatibility with biofuels is essential to the integrity of a station’s fueling system,” said Dwight Rutledge, PetroClear Business Development Manager. “PetroClear’s E85 filters help operators minimize their risk of unplanned downtime and maintenance costs that could result from a failed seal.”

There are more than 3,000 stations selling E85 in the United States. PetroClear’s 40510PE and 40510PE-AD Spin-On Dispenser Filters provide the following benefits to fuel site operators and service technicians:

  • UL-approved gasket promotes a safe and compliant fuel site
  • PetroClear filters provide efficient 10 micron (nominal) particulate removal
  • PetroClear filters prevent the distribution of fuel contaminated by UST corrosion particulate
  • Available in ¾-inch and 1-inch flow configurations
  • Textured paint coating provides a simple, mess-free installation and removal process

“The fueling product mix continues to evolve. At the same time, storage and fueling systems continue to age,” Rutledge said. “A regular dispenser filter maintenance program is essential to optimizing the performance of a fueling system and maintaining a strong quality assurance program.”

For additional information about PetroClear dispenser filtration products, please contact your local PetroClear representative.