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New E85-Compatible Spin-On Dispenser Filters  from PetroClear<sup>®</sup> Promote Fuel System Integrity

New E85-Compatible Spin-On Dispenser Filters from PetroClear® Promote Fuel System Integrity

PetroClear®, a longtime trusted manufacturer of fuel-dispensing filters, has introduced two 10-micron particulate-removing spin-on dispenser filters – the 40510PE and 40510PE-AD – engineered for compatibility with E85 fuel. Fuels with high concentrations of ethanol, such as E85, can affect the performance of materials used in fuel storage and dispensing systems. Using materials not specified for…
Welcome to Our Newsletter!

Welcome to Our Newsletter!

PICTURED: Greg Noethlich, President and CEO, Champion Laboratories *** Welcome to the first edition of the PetroClear Academy newsletter from PetroClear! Our newsletters will help members of the fuel industry, including retail and commercial fuel site operators, contractors, jobbers and petroleum equipment distributors, succeed by offering insightful news and information about fuel dispensing and filtration. Our…